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Minority Women With Breast Cancer Uniting, Inc. (MWBCU) provides a confidential and supportive arena where the many challenges of living with cancer can be shared with others with similar experiences.

MWBCU gives women and families concrete information and guidance in dealing with the disease. The group instills confidence and encourages women to learn as much as possible about the surgical procedure or treatment their physician has scheduled. MWBCU also informs women about nutrition and exercise as part of the healing process. Most of all, MWBCU empowers women with a solid spiritual foundation to overcome one of life’s most difficult challenges. As a result of their knowledge, women are equipped to take an active role in their ongoing recovery.






MWBCU was born out of a need to give counsel, comfort and hope to minority women that have been diagnosed with breast cancer and/or undergone treatment. Founders of the organization were astounded by the high mortality rate of breast cancer among minority women and the woeful lack of published knowledge about minority women who have suffered from the disease. They determined to inform and inspire women to take action in order to reduce their risk of developing breast cancer.

Today, the enduring work of MWBCU is a tribute to the women who have succumbed to breast cancer and a legacy to the family and friends they left behind. Remembering these women inspires MWBCU to  press on until a cure is found. Until that day, MWBCU  is resolved to tell others that THERE IS LIFE AFTER BREAST CANCER!


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An African-American Woman Is More Likely To Die Of Breast Cancer Than A Caucasion Women
David Euhus, M.D.
Breast Surgeon, John Hopkins

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