10 Questions to Ask the Cancer Surgeon

  1. Why are you recommending this procedure?
  2. Would you recommend this to your mother, spouse, sister or daughter?
  3. What are the risks?
  4. How do they compare with the benefits?
  5. How do I prepare for surgery? What type of anesthesia will I have?
  6. What happens during and right after surgery?
  7. Who do I talk to about breast reconstruction?
  8. How long will I be in the hospital? Are there any complications?
  9. When can I go back to work and resume normal activities?
  10. What are the risks of lymphedema?

Before surgery, your surgeon should provide:

  • Specific instructions to follow in the days before surgery
  • An overview of the surgical procedures
  • Information about recovery and follow-up care

After surgery, you should watch for complications such as infection or lymphedema, swelling in your arm or hand.  Call your doctor immediately if you see signs of swelling, a build-up of fluid, redness or other symptoms of infection.

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